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Words from Happy Customers

 "I was a big fan of Yankee's candles until my husband brought me back my first Country home candle last year!!! I have tried many fragrance and I've never been disappointed, your products are up to "my standards"!

I love that this is a Canadian company, the orders are in the next day, they answer every inquiries in a record time and shipping is free.

For those of you that didn't try these candles yet, i'm urging you to do so, you will become a believer! "

- Manon Laperriere

"Country Home Candle is AWESOME! Placed an order 2 days ago and it just arrived at my door...thank you! Also thanks for the goodies tucked inside!"

- Charlene Clarke

"Hi Karen,

I just received my order of jar candles and the complimentary hand creme.  I am hooked on your products!!

I am now on a fixed income but allow myself the luxury of your wonderful candles, when I can.  I will continue to be a loyal customer.  I always look forward to receiving my order and the little surprise "gifts".

Thank you so much!  Great service, too!"

- Judy McClelland

"Hello Karen and Peter

I am one of your many long time customers. 20 years ago while still living in Southern Ontario [Rockwood] I discovered you by just driving around country sides, looking for ice-cream Must of been the smell of your candles and the Tillsonburg Country Music what made me explore the town. Then I found your candles of all places in a little gift shop in Rockwood. I was hooked. In the late 90's we retired to Northern Ontario. For years the only way to get your candles was to stock-up for at least a year when I was visiting my children. So... if I have to pick one of my "MOST" grateful things for. I pick: you going public on the internet. It made ordering so much easier and I can have your praline candle burning when I crave ice-cream. My favourite is "Grandma's Kitchen" My grandchildren, whenever they visit, come in the house, take a big breath and exclaim: "mmmmm smells like Oma's house"

I thought I'd share this with you. Thank you for you and your candles. And thank you for the little gifts you include in the parcels. Love them."

- Victoria and John Williams (Elliot Lake, Ontario)

"I just want to thank you for the quick order. I placed my order on friday and received it on Monday. The candles smell just as I thought they would. The thank you inside was the extra touch that will keep me ordering online! You have a customer for life! Thank you again"

- Lisa Seguin

"OMG - I am so so impressed with the SPEED of this delivery....with the way it was all packed up all snuggly and steady into the box...and most of all - with the added personal touch of including a little FREEBIE for ME ! "Night Before Christmas" is such a heart warming name :) and the "One Love" teaser size lotion - is exactly that - a teaser - - - that will make me order more the next time - love the smell. I know - it's your job and this is what you do...but I was just so excited to see it delivered in my office so early - what a wonderful surprise .  Just seeing 3 grandma's Kitchen together at the same time was excitement enough - LOL ....anyhow - sharing the "SCENTS" with all my co-workers ...who hopefully - will become future customers. Gave your website twice already :)   The Inspiration candle - much bigger than anticipated - so that was another wonderful surprise. Thanks for the FREE SHIPPING...makes a pretty big impact on the decision sometimes. I am very excited - as I will be cutting up the squares - and sharing 2 with my parents - 2 for my sister and family and 2 for me :) ~ this way - we all get to share the "scent" and order the bigger candles of what we like best. Thank you"

- Francine Venne

"I am a very loyal repeat customer who is absolutely 'in love' with your candles! Your candles are very high quality: the jar seems well designed so that the candle burns down evenly over time, the size of the wick for the candle width is just right, & most importantly (to me anyway!), your candles have the best fragrance of any scented candle I have ever come across....and I've sampled MANY. They are reasonably priced too! I just wanted you at Country Home Candle, know how happy I am with your products - I've purchased several today for Christmas gifts!"

- Valerie Files

"I would just like to say that I am a very happy customer.  All it took was 1 jar of buttery pumpkin pie. Everyone that walks into my home are in awe of how good it smells.  I bought other candles thinking they would be good because of the price and they do not even compare.  Country home candles are amazing and last long.  I am proud that you are in Canada, and on top of that in Ontario. So close to home.  Great job! I will be ordering soon. And I am spreading your name to all my family and friends. :)"

- Jacinthe Foucault

"Thanks so much for producing the BEST candles EVER!! I just love your candles, been using them for years, I usually buy them at the store.  I decided to order online and was so surprised when I got my order so fast but also with some extra goodies!!  Keep doing what your doing!"

- Sandy Jacob

"Order just arrived. You guys rock. Fantastic service. Have used your candles for years but trying a new experience with the warmer. I am quite sure it will be great. Thank you very much."

- Cecil Rivet

"Wow, first time I have ordered from you, and I am very impressed so far, just wanted to let you know...that is really quick for shipping..thanks"

- Sharon Laird

"Just wanted to let you know I received my candles today. Thank you very much I love them and will continue to support and promote your products. Excellent customer service, I hope you never lose that."

- Naomi Pye

"I'd just like to let you know how much I love your products.  It's great to be able to order from a Canadian company and the free shipping is fast and excellent.  I love love love the scent squares! Just melted Kettle Corn and all I can say is WOW!! Your spicy fall scents are so amazing. Will be sure to order some of your Christmas scents soon!!"

- Kelly Campbell

"I am SO impressed with your product and your service!  Candles so great that I never buy any other kind, immediate acknowledgement of my order, and fast shipping. (I placed my order on Friday and received the shipment on Monday.) Wonderful CANADIAN company."

- Anne Henderson