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Fundraising with Country Home Candle

Are you looking for a new, fresh and fun way to fundraise for your charity, cause, class, team or for your community?

Why not try something different this year?

Country Home Candle has been a proud Canadian company for more than 30 years, hand pouring our candles in Delhi, Ontario.

 Your cause can feel confident about offering Country Home Candles as a value-add fundraiser.  All of our products are made with love, by hand to ensure quality and maximum fragrance throw in each candle we make. 

Our brand is well known and loved for the quality and care we put into everything we do.

  •  You can fundraise with us to suit your organization’s needs – you choose what’s best for you! You will be provided with a customized order form for your fundraising team, along with a 1-page brochure to help you be successful in selling. Choose candles right from our factory offering. We have a large selection of fragrances, sizes, wick and wax types to suit every candle lover’s preference.  This option allows your supporters to shop from the entire County Home Candle Catalogue.


  • You can create a selection of custom candles to use in your fundraising  efforts.  Choose 3 – 5 different candle options to sell, branded with a custom logo/label and name if you would like!  This is a sure way to leave a lasting impression for your fundraiser, and people will keep coming back year after year!

We will work with you to choose the wax type, fragrances and if you choose to customize your candles, we can design labels to make your fundraiser unique to you.

How can you get started?

Contact us today and share your fundraising goals and ideas.  We will strategize what will work best to achieve your goals and how we can help your fundraiser to be a success.

We will create a fundraiser calendar the determine when you will begin your fundraiser, design labels (if applicable), what the sales cut-off dates are and expected product delivery dates*.

Once your orders have been placed, send us the order summary and we will ship your candles for distribution!

*Please note that Christmas delivery dates may need a little extra lead time!

Fundraising is near and dear to us here at Country Home Candle.  We want to provide you with an opportunity to make the most amount of profit that we can, so we provide very special pricing for fundraising campaigns.  You will always make at least 40% profit from each item sold.


Contact us today at or by calling 519-582-8377 to speak with one of our candle experts.