Skinny Mini Tea - Loose Leaf Tin


Want to know how that girl is such a skinny mini?
It’s probably because she drinks a ton of tea. Tea has virtually no calories and is a great choice for keeping hydrated and boosting your metabolism. Let this brew inspire sexy self-confidence with yerba mate, a natural appetite suppressant, tummy taming ginger, and relaxing vanilla.
Part of our Love Yourself Wellness Tea Collection - great tasting, soul soothing and delightfully satisfying!
Tin Contains 80g of loose leaf tea.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: This tea is best steeped with boiling water. 1 tsp per 6-8oz cup. Steep 3-5 min.

INGREDIENTS: Yerba mate, ginger, rooibos, vanilla, flavoring, safflowers, sunflower blossoms.